Monday, December 14, 2015

Cave man tools

I was honored to be given the chance to try out some of  Cave Tools Items. The allowed to even pick what what I wanted to try.
If you don't know what to get that Man of yours at any occasion, I would recommend Cave tools.

What I got was the three part set they offer(pictured below here)
It has the amazing tongs, meat spear and of course the spatula!


When we took them out to the garage started the barbecue and was like let's give these a whirl. I really thought because of the high-gloss metal that I was going to have to use a lubricant on the spatula to make sure that it doesn't stick to the meat itself, but to my surprise I didn't have to. I love how sturdy and toss these particular products feel didn't feel like they were going to break like most spatulas that we have used in the past. The nice part I love about the spatula is that on the edge it has a small serrated part and it allows you to saw into your meats to see how tender they are or if they're even done. The tongs are so nice for any kind of meat they have almost a spoon like scoop to them with a fork side. So literally anything you put on your grill or barbecue or candidate on your grill it will pick up scoop turn anything that you wanted to! Whether it's a hotdog or a freshly done burger or you are cooking vegetables, skewers, bacon! You name it those tongues will help you. 

With the meat fork it allows you to hold on to the top side of your meat and allows you some leverage when you're cutting, we actually used it this season in our home to cut the turkey for Christmas.

My final thoughts:
Most people think a grill tools are grilling tools and these tools changed my mind about that. They are a very well-done product at a very reasonable price and is a great gift for anybody even if you're giving it to yourself! Highly recommend that you check out their i'm site, I will have the link below! Thanks for sticking around in reading about some awesome new products that I was able to test out


Friday, October 30, 2015

"Mom" body SHAME

Your 18, beautiful and have the body that you always wanted. You feel great about yourself, more them you ever have. You worked hard to get this body, because its not easy for you. You feel you just look at that amazing burger with 2x the bacon and gain 10lbs....

A couple years later you meet the man of your dreams, you both start to talk about starting a family. Soon enough you find your self pregnant with your first. You think to yourself, this is going to be so beautiful and your going to look just like those models when they are pregnant, and not gain more then 20lbs.(yea that's unrealistic) 

Only to find yourself 6 months into this pregnancy with a slew of medical issues and not to mention the swelling and the massive weight that you have put on. On top of all this you are in preterm labor, in and out of hospital and are sick all the time. The pregnancy from hell! In the end you end up giving birth via C-section 5.5 weeks early and tipping the scale over 200#. 

This was me. 

Now two more babies later and here I sit, overweight and unhappy.
I feel that most of this is that society give mothers and woman in general a unrealistic outlook on how we should look after children.  Most say that after baby #3 its the hardest to loose. Look its not like I am 300lbs and cant function, but I look at the old me and I am sad. 

As much as I have tried, I am still shamed by my "mom" body, I will always have these marks and these breast now. That part of me cant change back. What my wish was, that every mother and woman get told that she is BEAUTIFUL! I might not be a size 2 anymore, but why does that matter? Why does the fact that I am a average size 13 woman matter? Honestly, if there are men reading this I need to tell them something. Woman are emotionally selfish, and we mostly look to YOU and those that love us and we surround ourselves with to provide our self esteem. 

Being emotionally selfish mean:
We NEED your compliments, just because you think them- does NOT mean that we think you do. So tell your wife, sister, friend, mother, that she is beautiful. 

Tell the woman you love, I love you. Tell her more.

And not just that we are beautiful, tell us that we are SEXY, there IS a difference. We want nothing more then to still be sexy to you after years and baby's together.

Look husbands, I am not saying that you are doing it wrong, just saying that we need to know. And tell us more of these things will only make us happier. 

I may never love my body like I used to, but I should never be ashamed of it. I don't want to be uncomfortable in my own skin. It really does suck that I am....still. So lets make sure that we are being supportive and loving one another, and tell your mom she is beautiful! 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trials of Motherhood

A lot has happen in the last few month and there are a lot of post that I need to get up here, but I want to take a moment to talk about something that is constantly brought to my attention and something that truly gets under my skin, a lot. 

Why is a mothers every movement judged? Is there ever a moment that you look at another mother and just give her the, "are you kidding me" look? We all have, yes? Well one thing that I try to do is remember that not only do we all parent out children differently and with different values, we are human. 

That being said- I want to get something out there. I am not I repeat not a mother that lets her babies "Cry It Out" Nothing about this method seems valid or helpful. My heart brakes for the babies that are out through this and feel no emotion and physical connection to their parents. So no when I am over tires and my baby still wont sleep, and I'm on my last nerve. I will not let my baby cry for hours I will instead pick her up and love her and tell her its "Nighty Night time" and shhhhush her to sleep. Babies cry for all reasons, this is how they communicate their needs to us. 

But that is not why I am starting this post. I started this post by a incident that happen while I was shopping at target. 

I had all three kids with me; jack under the cart, Emma walking and baby- well she was in my arms as she was a bit fussy as it was getting dangerously close to her bedtime. When Dani began to cry, is when I picked her up {I was kicking myself for not having the ergo with} to nurse her comfortably when shopping, but I did it and she was now a happier baby. 

As I walked closer to the check-out, all I could hear was the very sad and heart braking crying from what I assumed to be a small baby. As I waked closer there was a mother in line standing there with her baby in the car seat-on the floor- as the baby screams to the point of a blue face, my heart dropped as this mother uses her foot to nudge this baby and angrily shush her and vigorously rock the car seat.{that seemed to make it worse} I thought to myself, how do you not just pick up that loving baby? How does a mother not just scoop baby up and do everything to make then quiet and happy? Again I don't know the issues surrounding this mother or her trials, I just know that I had to use ever fiber in my being to go over there like the overbearing and loving mama that I am and not cuddle that poor baby. 

I think about that moment now and I wonder, If I did go over there and offer help would've it been shot down? Or would that mother tell me that she is thankful and allow herself to regroup and breathe. As mothers we have these moments, moments were we feel the world is falling beneath us. where there is no hope and no end in site. So as mothers lets do something different. Lets stop the overall judgement and start helping one another, I really believe that it does take a village to raise a child. We need to stop pointing fingers and giving looks because lets face it, if your a mom- you have probably been through a moment like the one your judging. We are not perfect, we are all human. With support and love we can all have better days and raise our babies with Love, Compassion and Friendship.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yummi Pouch Review

Hello everyone, as a mother of now three children eating our snacks on the go is a must. We have school, errands, doctors, play dates and so on. So finding a something, to put in my mommy tool box of simpler tasks is essential to a smoothly ran day. 

In Comes The:

I was asked by Yummi Pouch to do a review, of course after checking them out I couldn't resist. Upon the arrival of my Yummi Pouches, my excitment grew to see the hype on this new snack on the go trend. There are a lot of baby/toddler/child companies that have made pouches similar with their product already inside but sadly those are not reusable. So even though its a great idea, its still not saving the amount of garbage we are putting in our landfill. 

So on that note Yummi Pouch is something that I will always have in my home. When I opened the Yummi Pouch I saw really awesome designs on them, they are well made and you can tell the creators take great pride in offering such a great product to familys! Along with the pouches I got a cooler pouch to keep my snacks cool, now that to me was ingenious! 

Yummi Pouch also wont brake the bank, the pouches are dishwasher safe, freezer safe,  BPA free, PVC free and phthalate free; Recyclable and fully CPSP compliant; have large, removable cap; and are backed by a 30-day product guarantee!

Not bad for being engineered by a couple entrepreneur parents that strive to just make all our snacking a feeding lives easier. they have so many awesome products to choose from, the Pouches, cloth bags, lunch deviders and so much more!

Please take advantage of the buying code that was provided for just you lovely readers for 10% off your purchase!


Thank you all for reading 


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Monsters Cloth Diapers Review

I was given the chance to review another cloth diaper and was EXCITED to do so! 

Little Monsters Cloth diapers are pocket diapers only, they have a choice from solid colors to ones with cute little critters on the bum. I got one with a seahorse on the bum side. 

These diapers are a OS diapers with the front snaps and the snap closure too. I love how easy they are to use, but yet almost all my cloth that I own are pocket diapers. So far I have used it 4 times and not had any issues with the diaper. Washing has not proven hard either. No piling and has no sign that it would fall apart. When you open up the diaper its a wonderful SOFT microfiber and I have noticed cleans better then some of my expensive diapers. 

The price is right for what you will get, the fact that no diaper is going to cost you more then 23 us dollars is awesome for that mommy on a budget. I believe that cloth is best and if a mom feels she cant afford to start, she should start here with Little Monsters, easy to use and easy on the budget. 

Please visit Little Monsters online to purchase:

Also they have provided a discount code just for TGL readers please use the following code at the time of purchase: 


for 20% off :)

My Nurse Purse

Who is a pumping mom? Yes we are talking about boobs here :)

If you are, You need to know about The Nurse Purse!!!!!!!

I was found on Twitter by the amazing woman who founded the Nurse Purse and can I tell you they are brilliant.

With my other two baby's I had the standard bag that your Electric Pump comes in, that ugly black bag that i swear EVERYONE knows just what you are lugging around. On that note I am so excited to show you something amazing, I call it my pretty little boobie bag :)

I cant tell you how amazing this bag is!, it fits with almost all pumps and its stylish and honestly has more room inside then the standard bag. Another thing that I love is the handles, I know right why the handles? well they are not the stiff poly handles on most bags they are a loose woven cotton like. With that its easier to just throw over your shoulder and its stays on you're shoulder without all the movement and slipping. 

I am absolutely in love with this and feel that any mother that is pumping and travels with her pump needs one! 

There is enough room in this bag for everything too, so you have your pump items, you diapers, wipes, extra clothes, medications, nuks and snacks for the little ones too also has awesome side pockets that I use for water bottles and others things I need to have in reach. ALL WITH ROOM TO SPARE :) 

I cant tell you about it all day, but I know that it speaks for itself!

Please take a moment to Check out The Nurse Purse online at

Also as a The Great Letdown reader The Nurse Purse is giving us a 20% off code just for you! please use the come TGL in the purchase box when ordering to receive your 20% off.


Who is your Health Hero?

As a mother of three, a woman keeps her mind sharp and her kids healthy and happy. But what keeps you healthy??

As a child you look to your parents for guidance. Parents are to show their children difference from right and wrong, how to stay true and keep a good mind, on top of all that parents are a staple in a child's life in keeping healthy. 

Looking back, I realize. "How am I healthy?" With my parents health so poor. From genetics playing a roll to just poor choices causing the inevitable. I was asked recently to write this post for a firm asking not what keeps us healthy, but rather "WHO" keeps us healthy. 

This question is intrigued to me. I had no answers when first brought to my attention. As I thought about this I realized that it was not just one person, its three little persons. I love being a mother and want to be here for my amazing three kids as much as I can be of course. Not only are my children my motivation to keep myself healthy, but I also stopped smoking for them, right before I got pregnant with Dani who is my 10 weeks old baby. I am now a year out from my last smoke and feel amazing. 

Being 10 weeks post from having a baby I am now looking into dropping the weight that I put on, 60lbs! I have already lost 40 of it, and so there is still a lot to go. When I look for motivation I look over at my children, and say to myself no matter how hard it is for a mother these days to drop weight, I can do it for them! 

But, you ask what will keep you motivated who will be your real hero to keep you going. I thought about that and that would be the person that I see in the mirror, there is no person or thing in this world that can be a bigger motivator then ones self!  am getting healthy and staying healthy first and foremost for myself, because without that I wouldn't even try. I look at it this way, I know I am not healthy and I know that It takes a lot of effort to get healthy, but I can only do it if I believe in myself.

So with this I want you to share with me Via Email or on our Facebook who your "Health Hero" is!
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