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My births from the start.........

When my husband and I thought about children it was a no brainier, we are young and in love so what is there to lose. Most told us we were crazy and others told us that children are too much and we should wait. Growing up you are asked in school what you wish to be when you are older. My answer always blew away teachers and adults when I told them I wanted to be a mother. They explained to me that I most likely was not understanding, as motherhood is not profession. I told them at around age 10 that they were wrong and some day people will realize that being a mother is the hardest profession a woman can have/choose. 

Knowing this from such a young age I couldn't wait to meet prince charming and start that family I dreamed about it all the time. Then I met my husband, and my dreams started to become reality when we got pregnant with our first. It was a hard pregnancy and I went through a lot. From preterm labor, BP issues, excessive weight gain, swelling to preeclampsia. She arrived into the world Via Emergency C-Section due to heart rate and many other reasons at 35 weeks. Two years later we got pregnant with our son, this pregnancy was a breeze! I loved every minute of it! He too arrived via section as the doc told me that he was too big for me, (I didn't know any better and trusted this) only to know it was a convenience issue not a baby issue.

Now on to the conception and birth of

When we decided to start for another baby this time my body seemed to fail me over and over again. We tried, and resulted in 3 miscarriages, I was lost and hurt and felt broken! I was at the doctors it felt all the time getting hormones checked and sonograms preformed. They came to the conclusion that I have a developing PCOS. I was heartbroken, I thought I should just give up and tell myself another baby is just not going to happen. Doctor informed me that if we do not fall pregnant this cycle and keep it then we will start our first rounds of treatments. I didn't want that!!!!! Well, I prayed and finally got strong BFP!
I thought that I would pee my pants in excitement, it was 3 in the morning and my husband was sleeping. So I thought to myself I am not going to tell him the kids will! We were so over joyed. 

During this pregnancy I was good, had your usual pregnancy issues and never really wanted to complain too much, I just felt so blessed to be carrying this baby!! That being said, I knew that I wanted to be sure that we get the birth that we have always wanted and the one that I never got. I mourn my other births, not as much Emma's but Jacks I am still broken over. I set out to find a doctor that would not dismiss my wishes, as the doctor that so desperately helped us get pregnant told me to get lost basically as a VBA2C is never going to happen. 

I will change how birth happens in this community.

My search ended and I found a really great doctor, as my pregnancy progressed he continued to support my choice and tell me we can do this. When I hit 39 weeks, I was informed that he was having surgery and would not be able to attend my birth. I was so sad and couldn't imagine what I would do now as his colleague does NOT do vbac births at all. As I sit here, now 39 weeks deep into my pregnancy and I now am doctor-less! My journey to get another has started and its proving to be more difficult then I thought, I couldn't even get some midwives on bored! I was about to just throw the towel in and I just wanted to cry, well I did cry.... a lot. My AMAZING Doula Paula Meyer who runs The Journey. She was truly a inspiration to me! She kept my head high and told me "Megan, you will get this, you can do this so don't give up!" Any woman that spends a pregnancy and birth without a doula is missing out truly. 

 I finally broke and called the doc I had with my son knowing that he has the highest rate of vbac in his medical career then most docs in the area. He agreed to see me!!! I was thrilled. When I went in for my appt with him he checked me and was disappointed there was not much progress and decided to induce me! Another thing that does not happen to woman that have had more then one section. Well when a nurse saw that I am not just a woman with one section but one with two in my medical history she called me and told me I have no choice and that she is setting me up for another section that next day. I informed her, I don't care what she scheduled that I am not subjecting myself to another c-section unless its medically needed, and that she can have my doctor call me if he wants to talk more about my options. So 10 minutes later my doctor called me from home on his day off and informed me that he would still do this, as he didn't want me to have a baby at home, and that my education on the VBAC experience was high, he knew that I could handle this, so it was scheduled- a VBA2C induction was going to happen! When we got to the hospital that following Sunday to get induced the looks and shocked faces we got were priceless, what you mean you are vbac'n after two sections? And your being induced? Well yes, yes I am! 

The Pitocin starts and there is no turning back now. A few hours later my doctor finally comes in to brake my water and get my body to help the process, I was only a fingertip dilated and let me tell you that was a bit more pain then I thought, he has to manually stretch my cervix to get to the bag of waters. Nevertheless it was worth it as my body quickly kicked into labor and they had to turn my PIT down and off more then once. I was on such a high I couldn't believe that this day was finally happening. I had my amazing Doula, my even more amazing Husband and my best girl friend there to support me. We rented movies and laughed, went for walks and got into the tub, as the hours passed the labor became more and more painful but with the help of Paula I was able to breath and let my body do what it needed to. A few hours later something changed and I was no longer able to breath through and let them happen, I was tense and the pain was getting so bad I would just groan and scream, I got into the tub again to see if that would help but it didn't! I was fighting against my body and that was not going to do me or baby any good. Finally, I allowed to have the help of some pain management. It only helped for like a second.

I was SO TIRED and I could barely breath from exhaustion. I finally asked for the Epidural after 17 hours of hard labor un-medicated.  

When I got the epidural I asked for it to be as LOW as possible in order to not let it inhibit my labor progress, I could still feel my contractions but these I could breath through and rest in between, and I needed that so badly. I actually enjoyed the feeling and embraced most of it, I knew in the end I would be holding my baby. I went from a 5/6 to a 7/8 in no time then just about an hour and a half after being told I was a 7 they went to empty my bladder and I felt it! THAT URGE!!!!(I was so overjoyed to feel that it was  euphoric) I have been waiting so long for that feeling, they checked me and I was COMPLETE!!!!!! I cant even tell you my excitement, so it was pushing time. Doc came in and assisted some pushes and looked at me and said, You got this! See you in a bit. I only pushed for a hour to get her to crown, then just three to get her out. I directed my own pushing and feel that is why it took no time at all, I loved the feeling. As I was pushing we had to get the vacuum assist to turn her shoulders(So I wouldn't push longer then needed) so a episiotomy was performed too. On that last push my doctor gently yelled, "Megan grab your baby and pull her out!!!" So I did, what an experience and a RUSH of emotions! All I said when I held her was "I DID IT! I DID IT" After 24 hours of labor I finally gave birth, through my vagina! I couldn't be more proud of myself! With the support of my Husband, doula and best-friend for never letting me give in to the pressures and believing in my end game and knowing that I CAN and would cross that finish line!

Being my own advocate, sticking with my plan and not allowing the medical field to bully me into what is "norm" or "preferred" or to them just plain easier, that is how I got my Normal Birth experience. It was so magical and I am still in awe about it all. Most all the pictures that I am sharing, share more then I can write in words. I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be able to have this story to tell. We can change how birth is done one woman at a time! No one can make us do anything. Get educated beforehand and stick to what you know is right. Its your body, your baby and your choice! Thanks for reading and I look forward to feedback, please share as inspiration to those you know trying for a VBAC of any kind. 


Introducing Dani Arlene 
Born 1/13/14 at 8:25 am 
8lbs 6oz 19 inches 
Thank you NV Photography for capturing our day, we truly can't thank you enough!!!!! 

Thank you So much for my BEST friend for putting this video together! I love you!

*Pictures are not in any order just how I uploaded them*

Please take a moment to recognize the following: 

They made this journey just that much more amazing!


Renee said...

Beautiful story Megan

Joni said...

So amazing! I am still in awe of what you have accomplished with Dani's birth! Love you!!

Joni said...

So amazing! I am still in awe of what you have accomplished with Dani's birth! Love you!!

Joni said...

So amazing! I am still in awe of what you have accomplished with Dani's birth! Love you!!

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