Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Hi there Everyone, as you see I am talking about something that most all my readers can and will want to read and or relate to. January was made Cervical Cancer/Health awareness month! This is something that effects approximately 12,000 as diagnosed each year and 4,000 of those lives are lost. 

The US Congress has made January its awareness month to gets its word out there about your health as a woman and how we protect our lives from Cervical Cancer. HPV-The Human Papilloma Virus is what causes the decease. It is transmitted sexually, and please take note that means;
-Intercourse-straight, gay or bi
-genital rubbing
-oral sex
-sex involving toys

You may not have realized all the riskes.

Cervical Cancer is actually preventable and I am going to list a few reasons that I have found that have been know to lessen your risk of contraction. 

1. Getting vaccinated.

2. Getting your yearly PAP done as soon as you have intercourse for the first time or after you are 21years of age. 

3. Getting tested when its recommended

4. SAFE SEX!!!!!! Please for not only this sake but for all others lets spread safe sex like a decease instead! 

Woman we are all at risk, HPV is something that is nothing to mess with or wait for, we want to be as healthy as we can so please get tested and get your vaccine today! Please spread the word and wear your green ribbon proud, if you would like to have TGL to send you a ribbon please Email me and we will get that worked out. 

Hope we can end the sadness and high numbers or woman effected every year of this scary and silent killer!

Information for the transGen folks :)
(Borrowed from The She Bob Blog)

Discrimination against trans folks is still a big issue with health care providers and insurance plans, but on November 21, 2011, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists expressed its opposition to gender identity discrimination and formally implored Ob-Gyns to provide routine treatment and screenings to transgender patients, including Pap tests. Also, starting in late 2012, most insurance companies will be required by law to cover screenings. If you encounter problems with insurance coverage, learn about filing an appeal here.
A few more resources for you:

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