Sunday, October 16, 2011

Realizing a Miracle

Growing up I took care of most all around me, it was just my nature and by that I got called "ma" by most. I have always been this way since my parents divorced and I was with my dad and three brothers. I loved to take care of them all, never was a burden on me. I love my father and brothers just that much as all should. Family is everything to me and whether  or not we are blood if I loved you I took care of you from being a friend or a friends family. So that being said I have always been close with my great friends that are life lasting and will do just about anything for them as I would do just that for my blood family. So a great friend of mine got pregnant and had issues, as her pregnancy as not planned nor was she certain that she was going to keep it due to the relationship with the father that told her to "just get rid of it". So we started to talk more and more during her pregnancy and I told her I will be there for her as a doula and her support.  So as her pregnancy progressed she was getting more and more miserable and toward the end we were so sure that she was going to go into labor any day.. but no!! She became over due and her mid wife was doing nothing about it, I know what you are thinking many woman are overdue. But if you would have seen, went through and realized her pregnancy and seen how big she was you would know there was something wrong with her being that pregnant.

She is a very small woman and short as well, so after her last appointment her doc told her that if she is still pregnant by the end of the week that she would induce her. Well Megan was not going to have that and asked me if I would help her see another doc. A bit unorthodox but I talked to a few experts of mine and was told that we need to do what we feel is right for Megan and her baby, So I brought her to my house and my town and called to doc the next day, they immediately got her in. I told Megan while waiting that I can bet that she is measuring 3 weeks over. The measured her and sure as shit she was! So the doc wanted to do a ultrasound to get a measurement of baby. Take in mind her original talk told her nothing about her measuring that way nor did she think there is wrong. Her original doc also told her she only has about a 6 pound baby in there. 

After getting the ultrasound done we went back into see the doc and was told that she has about 6x times the normal amniotic fluid and baby is about 8lbs 2oz. and said we need to get you admitted to the hospital and have a baby!!!!!! We were so excited that someone was finally realizing that Megan's condition was not a healthy one for her or baby. So after getting to the hospital the broke her bad of waters and went from there Megan was contracting beautifully and progressing on her own. We didn't get much sleep and 42 hours later she was almost a 10, but was holding on to that last part of cervix so a small amount of piton was used. after about a hour she was at a 10, and it was time to push, so we started pushing and pushing. but NOTHING was happening and baby was getting in distress and her heart rate was dipping bad. So after 2 hours the nurse was getting concerned as well as I was by seeing there was no progress and baby was not happy with what was going on. After getting the doctor in the room and getting checked to see were baby was at, the news that I new was going to happen came out of the docs mouth........C-section. Megan was not happy but knew that it was the only was as baby has not moved into her pelvic yet and after two hours something should have happened. Megan asked me to be in the OR with her and I was so honored and excited to be on the other end of a section as I was always the one on the table. Let me tell you watching a section like that gave me a new light on my own births, knowing that its still a miracle! Another reason to realize that children are just that amazing to watch come into this world. After having baby out I got to watch all the sewing up and be supporting Megan as she is miserable on the table and tired from going through all that she did! 46hours of no sleep was worth it in the end!!!!!!! Megan is a strong girl and a wonderful new mom and I was so honored to be a part of the miracle that is birth!!!!! 

After the birth of her baby girl the doc came to tell her that her pelvic was not going to allow baby to go vaginally as she was to big and the a section was smart, because if she were to continue pushing she would of ended on the OR table in emergency reasons. So we are happy that mom and baby are ok and healthy! 
McKinley 7lbs 13oz 20inches long

Me and Baby McKinley

My daughter Emma with McKinley

-Megan R


Little Mama Jama said...

Congrats to Mama and baby! She is beautiful!

New follower from Bloggy Moms. Looking forward to connecting with you!

faithfullyurs said...

amazing story glad you werethere for her.

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