Thursday, July 21, 2011

The BubbleBum Booster

The portable, fordable, lovable car seat booster!

Alright parents of toddlers hold on to your seats and see this amazing new booster seat for your children/toddlers.

I was looking for a new way of getting my daughter around without a bulky booster, something light and easy to travel with. That is when I came across the BubbleBum Booster Seat! They are not a US company so I was a little sad when they were not selling in the USA yet, but when I finally did get mine(as they passed the US standards of safety) I was really excited. I was first surprised on how it was packaged. I didn't expect what I got. It was so small I just couldn't believe that there was a car seat in the small bag. As soon as I took it out and opened the valve to inflate it started to take shape. I followed the directions and inflated the booster as per the instructions. That same night I got to put it to use. 

I was surprised at the durability of the booster. It held my daughter very well. Its small and easy to carry around. I love that there are hooks on the side that keep the lap belt right at the hip so if the belt would tighten, it would on the strongest part of her. BubbleBum is serious about safety so please click the link to know know more about when your child is ready for a booster. BubbleBum has passed all safety and crash testing to become what they are today. I love this Booster. Bubblebum is not only a great booster but they are a GREAT company to know, I have got to know a few of them over at BubbleBum and I cant tell you just how amazing these people are. I am proud and honored to not only try this innovative booster seat but love that I get to share it with you. Bubblebum has saved me many a times when I thought that I had the car seat for Emma or when we have other children with us and I need to run some were. At $39.99 USD its a great price for any family. There is not to much more that I can say as its just a AMAZING little booster, and truly it speaks for its self. 

Some of my favorite things about Bubblebum:
*Its small and easy to carry(my daughter drags it every were)
*inexpensive safe and reliable booster
*hooks to keep belt in place
*easy for my daughter to belt herself and get Independence
*easy to stow away!

I highly recommend any mother/father/grandparent's to get this booster for there youngster. Please do make sure that your child is ready for a booster before you put them in one :) 

Check BubbleBum out online to order yours today!
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Thanks again everyone and take care this weekend! Please take it from me and check out BubbleBum!


*Note that this product(s) was given to TGL free of charge in the reply that we give a honest review. All thoughts and opinions are that of TGL and not associated in any way with Bubblebum.

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