Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

I thought that I would take the time today to remember those who have fought and those who have died for us, our freedom and our rights. I want the veterans and wife's, mothers, daughters to know that we are all praying for your loved ones that are over there. I have a few close friends that are or have fought and they will forever be on my heart. Nothing come close to a person willing to fight for a entire nation. They are strong willed, strong hearted and very loved persons. Today is a time to allow your self to reflect on that, reflect on someone you admire or have lost. 

My grandfather was my best friend growing up and into my adult hood. He was one of the most amazing men that I knew, still know as he forever lives in my heart. In my eyes he was the biggest hero. We did unfortunately loose him three years ago while I was pregnant with my first. My uncle said something to me that night, "In order for a life to come into this world one must leave". I was almost angry about that, then thought that If that is true I will  forever have him within my children. Their are parts of him that I take with me everyday and things that my 2 children do that remind me of him. I named my son (second child) after him, Jack will forever carry a great name capable of great things!
So lets say a prayer for our hero's today!

“God we thank you for commissioning men and women in the defense of freedom. We honor those who honor and protect us, in many cases laying down their lives that we might live free to pursue our own destiny. Every soldier takes their oath knowing they may be called upon to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Lord, we cannot repay this gift they give us. For those who have suffered as a result of their sacrifice, we ask for supernatural healing, favor, peace, and in some cases, forgetfulness. Lift from them the cares and burdens of violence. When they return home, give them opportunities to fulfill their own potentials and dreams. Open doors for them, even when some doors are closed. God, Bless our veterans. We pray this in Jesus.”

Remember to dream big and love hard and never take what you have for granted. Love is a gift and a act of god, we are blessed to have it and to love those who we call our hero's. I love you Jack Russel Remley you are still my #1 hero, best friend and most amazing grandpa ever! I am fortunate to have known you and you will forever be in my heart! 
I know I am fortunate to have my husband at home with my children and I, so I want to let the army wives to know that we are praying for your husbands to make it home to you safely!

Thanks for reading.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

When I was at my parents house for the funeral of my grandfather I became very ill the first night. I was fine after that, but found out I was pregnant just a couple weeks later.

My grandfather served our country as a pilot. We are also always praying for the wonderful men and women who serve, and their families.

Happy Memorial Day!

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