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Saffron Rouge Review {Erbaviva skincare}

We received the Erbaviva Baby Gift Set from Saffronrouge, it came in beautiful packaging. I was very excited to start using this product as my son needs everything natural and organic. What the gift set includes is as follow: Organic Lip and Cheek Balm, Baby Shampoo, Baby Lotion, Diaper Cream and Baby oil. I am going to be evaluating each on in this review.

Organic Lip and Cheek Balm:I love this, I personally use this on me more then my kids. I love to use it as a chap stick. My lips have never felt better. I have used it on my daughter as well, she has eczema. My husband recently had a terrible crack in his corner lip, I told him to use the lip and cheek balm and it was cleared up in just days. He told me that the moment that he put it on, his split lip didn't hurt any more.  I think that overall its a great and handy stick to have with you at all times.

Rank: 9/10

Some facts:
Help moisturize and heal chapped lips, cheeks and hands with this extra thick baby balm. The USDA Certified Organic formula is easy-to-use to soothe and shield against dry or cold weather. Comforting chamomile, calming calendula and antioxidant-rich rosemary are expertly infused to calm skin while preventing chapped cheeks and other damage from environmental elements. The formula smells and tastes great, and the wide stick makes applying it to baby's skin effortless. Has a light herbal scent.

Organic Baby Oil:Wow! I typically dislike any baby oil, I don't like using them. I feel that they all are greasy and don't do any thing positive for your skin. Until I tried Erbaviva Organic Baby Oil. Like I said, WOW, I can't tell you how great this product is. When I opened it and put some in my hand to use on Jack (son 7months old) I was just flabbergasted, his skin soaked it right up, no rashes or him protesting about having something on his skin. But here is my favorite part, I didn't have to wash my hands when I was done. Finally a baby oil that is not greasy. So I thought that I should really use it. When I got out of the shower, I typically use lotion but used the oil instead. I was so pleased, my skin still felt light and fresh, there was no film on my skin and I didn't feel greasy. I love this product and feel that anyone in your family can use it!                       

Rank: 10/10

Some Facts:
Massage this delicate organic oil into baby's skin after bathing to hydrate and moisturize. The multi-purpose USDA Certified Organic formula can also be used to prevent chapped cheeks or to clean skin around the diaper area. The protective blend is infused with organic almond, safflower and jojoba oils, vitamin E and organic rosemary extract. Organic roman chamomile and mandarin give the body oil its light citrus scent.

Organic Baby Lotion:I like this lotion it smells cool and fresh, I like to use it on my daughter Emma who is 3. So far we have used it for about two weeks and there has not been any adverse effects. I really like that its soft and light to put on. I don't feel like I should wipe my hands off when I am done. The benefit here is that my daughters skin seems to be doing well and it really helps with the dry and bumpiness on her arms. I would recommend. 

Rank: 9/10

Some Facts:
Help nourish baby's tender skin with this gentle, light lotion that uses completely natural emulsifiers and organic moisturizing plant oils. The fast-absorbing formula and easy-to-use pump makes application a breeze. Shea butter, avocado oil and almond oil are blended together to delicately hydrate. Soothing organic mandarin and chamomile essential oils give the lotion a fruity herb scent.

Organic Diaper Cream:I was really impressed with this cream, most creams were making my son's sensitive skin bake out even more. But not this, erbaviva Organic Diaper cream is pretty amazing! I really think that its worth every penny. If you go to a local store and spend $15 on cream and it does nothing but irritate the skin further, well that just frustrates me more. So I recommend this to mothers that have no luck with department stores products. I think that you may be surprised. 

Rank: 10/10

Some Facts:
Create a natural barrier against wetness to prevent diaper rash with this healing zinc-based cream. It also reduces redness and inflammation on current diaper rash to promote quick healing. Anti-inflammatory echinacea quickly heals sore bottoms while comforting lavender and chamomile essential oils reduce irritation. Has a mild lavender herb scent.

Organic Baby Shampoo:I love this so so much! I use it with the both of my kids, I love that its not heavy. My daughter has really tight curls and course hair. Having a shampoo that does not weigh her hair down is great! Its all in all a great shampoo for all children. 

Rank: 9/10

Some Facts:Wash baby's hair and scalp with this extra mild, natural organic shampoo. Suitable for adults with sensitive scalps but gentle enough for newborns it delicately cleanses and protects without harsh chemicals or detergents. Olivoil glutinate, made from olive oil and wheat proteins gently cleanses hair while quilaja tree bark extract naturally helps lather. A soft blend of organic lavender and chamomile leaves a light, gentle herbal fragrance.
Using the baby shampoo

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*TGL was not paid for this review and was given the product free of charge, all thoughts and opinions are that of TGL and not the company. 


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