Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What If?

 Have you ever asked yourself 'what if'? Have you wondered if you set your fate or is it chosen? Well I believe that I wrote my own story. I believe that every event, moment and person was in my life because I chose it. Now understand that I may not like or know why these events and people were in my life, but it happens for a reason. So here is my story and how I believe that without all these moments and people, I would never have met my husband and have the children I have today.

 Growing up, my parents separated and then divorced. My father moved us from our home to a small apartment in a not that great of a neighborhood. My brothers and I really started a family with the kids in the apartments, we got together everyday and it was some of my most fondest memories. I never thought that my Father would meet any one. Well we had a neighbor and she was secretly in love with my father, but they were just really great friends. They both started this "online" dating thing or something together, and that's were they met! Before I knew it I was meeting this woman for the first time. She seemed so sweet and I really liked her. Shortly after that they decided to get married (that was a joke) and we moved upstate, to her house. Now I have no friends in this new place and a new school. I hated everything about it! I transferred to a smaller school, as I could not handle the big schools and the bad influences that surrounded me. So in this small school I became the new girl and no one liked me. So all I had was my studies and few friends to which one was a teacher.
 This teacher that I had was one of the only people that understood me. I talked to him more then my own father. I hated everything about my life. I had a mean stepmother(real live Cinderella here) Her two boys were spoiled rotten and I was always grounded for things I didn't do. I was not able to go any where or really do anything. So at this point I thought that getting a job was what I should do, just to get out of the house. So I started to work and nanny for two families as well. Before I knew it I was going to high school with two actual jobs just trying to make it, she made me pay for everything! The day I graduated was brilliant I knew I could get out, but how.

 My teacher (Steve) and I were still close, my parents knew about it and were fine as he was more of  a father to me then my actual dad. I was talking to him on the phone one day and asked the question. "what should I do? can I just come live with you and your wife?" And he said sure! Him and his wife talked to my parents about the living arrangement's and we are all ok with it. During this time I was dating a man for a few years already, I find out later that he was a terrible person and broke my heart many times. So I was in a different town with the family I wanted. Steve decided that I should learn to change my own oil. As I was learning that I had to run to the newly opened local parts store right in town, and that's were we met, my husband and I. I remember walking in and I could not stop looking at him. I knew that moment that I was going to marry him and I didn't even know is name!  So here I am another 5 years later and I am married to my soul mate and have two wonderful and beautiful children!

  Without all of these events and people in my life, fate would never have found me. I do believe that I chose my path and the people in it, but there is one thing you cant choose. You can not choose true love. So keep your mind and heart open, because the person that you "just choose" to be with, might not be the person your meant to be with.


Mommy D said...

I just wanted to pop by and say thank you for visiting Mommy D's Kitchen and commenting! What a great post! I hope you have a wonderful day hon!

Polly said...

Its so funny the path that life takes you on isn't it. It sounds like you took a good one, once you were able to take control of your own life.

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Guess it's true what they say... everything DOES happen for a reason.

Predictable Me said...

He's a fantastic salesman isn't he? He sold you!! Love you

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