Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How do you define your friendship?

So true to our friendship

Friendship. What is friendship? I think that I learned just what friendship really means last night.

 Let me back up a bit,  We met in high school in the strangest of ways. We didn't know one another at all but there was a common link that would force us together, my boyfriend. He lost a girlfriend and a "friend" that year and gaining hatred from two woman. Those woman {her and I} gain something much more beautiful, friendship and we became so close! We were joined at the hip, we did everything together. We both graduated {she was just one year below me} and our friendship stayed the same, we just kept growing together. You see our friendship is special, no matter what that girl does I cant look away. I feel the need to protect her, like a little sister, I was the only girl of all boys so that could be why. We have had our hard times and refused to talk to each other, but something always brought us back together. We both had our first children so close in age, about 4 months apart. That brought us so close.

 Let me skip ahead a bit, now that you know the general relationship. She became pregnant with her second while I was pregnant with my second as well. These babies are about 6 months apart. She had a bit of a rough pregnancy, her father had passed away. Her dad was her life, she lived and breathed for him, definitely daddy's girl! It was so hard to see her go through something so heartbreaking, she not only has to be pregnant and strong for her little girl, but her dad dies. Losing a father is something I don't think that anyone can prepare you for. As her best friend, I wanted to understand and be there for her. I knew from that moment that she is special and I need to be there for her more. Jumping a little more to her going into labor. She had been throwing the idea of a home birth around and still was unsure. She did know that she wanted to labor at home, as she wanted no medications. She called me the morning of the 4th and asked if I could take her daughter for the day, as she believed that she was in labor. Of course I agreed, so her SO brought her over to my house. The day went on as usual, the girls played and I worried. I had two toddlers and a infant to myself, fun huh. I started to make dinner and finish watching a movie, a feeling came over me. I had shot my friend a text message, asking her if everything was alright? She didn't respond to which made me worry. Just then her SO called me and said "Did she call you?" I said no, what is going on? and I hung up the phone not allowing him to even answer.

 I called my friend as she was screaming trying to talk to me, I yelled into the phone "I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!"  Come to find out her water broke! I literally threw on some clothes and grabbed my purse and camera and ran out! My heart was racing as I was driving I thought to myself, is she really going to have this child at home? As soon as I got there I herd the frightful and pain filled screams. I proceeded to her bedroom to see her lying on her bed, there was a look on her face that I couldn't read. I tried to talk her into leaving but she was in so much pain, getting her get up was proving to be difficult!

[ I am unsure of this pain to a extent as both my babies were stomach babies]

 I had my truck started and was getting her ready to leave. Just as she got enough strength to pick herself up off the bed and get onto all fours to climb off the bed, she screamed! I was unsure what was going on, then I looked and there was no time to go to the hospital. I prayed that her mother and mothers best friend got to the house in time. I knew in my heart what was going to happen. Her sister is assisting her at this point, I am on the phone with her mother and then....... her sister says MEGAN, she is really crowning! So I got in there, started to massage the area, as I was told and felt the baby's umbilical cord was around her neck, baby was coming out, without Mommy's assistance at this point. As the head descended more and more, something in me just clicked! My friend could not keep this baby from coming any longer, and she gave a small push, the head was out and I un-looped the cord, another contraction and one more big push baby was out! I JUST DELIVERED A BABY! Her sister and I just looked at each other in shock that we were the ones that delivered with baby, and moments later her mom walked in the door. Sometime after that the paramedics came.

 As for any more delivery's in my future, I think not. But here is to a once in a lifetime experience, a great story and everlasting bond!  :)
baby and I



Renee said...

Ah my darling daughter that's amazing what u did, I am very proud of u and happy u were there for your friend.. congrats to all three of u.

Mel said...

WOW! What an incredible story of friendship.

Jessica said...

Awww...what a cute baby!!

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Have a blessed Thursday!!

Erika said...

That was beautiful!! I loved it. Sitting at a cafe, tearing up!!

Erika said...

Thanks for the comment on my page!! That was my alone time! I re-read this story and have to say its all too beautiful!! Congrats to all of you

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That was a really lovely post and beautiful photograph to accompany it. I think I'd probably crumble in that situation, the sight of human blood makes me feel rather queasy! Animals Jo problem, being a sheep farmer I deal with lambing and it doesn't tend to bother me!

CJ xx

Show Me Mama said...

I am your new follower. You can follow me back at Make sure you leave a comment so I know you visited.

Have a great weekend

Eschelle said...

great post, i'm happy i hoped over via bloggy moms. That is a pretty intense situation i would feel like a super hero that's for sure!!

Erica Hall said...

how exciting...and scary!!! I'm a new follower, if you have time, please check out mine!

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