Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well thats was interesting

Answer this, why is it that men find it that they can do no wrong? When my world feels as if i cant get a grip and I'm loosing it, that i still have to ask him to chase me. When you tell me one thing and "mean" another, it makes you look like a lire! I want you to  want and love as hard as I do to you, and chase me no matter were my craziness could take us. But I just don't think that you have opened your eye, and actually took a good look inside.

I have  changed, not by a matter of choice or that i didn't like my prier self, but because being a mother changes a woman. Our interests, likes, the way that we spend time and even the way that we love others. I have learned that no matter my day, diapers, screaming kids and a very aggravated mommy. Well i am the most blessed i have ever been, it is a privilege to be there mother! And being a wife, well that's different right? I love to just stay home and love you and take care of you, why cant anyone see that?

I so i want you to know this readers, Love hard and fast! never let it go, for love, its the greatest drug out there!

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