Monday, November 22, 2010


So I set my stove on fire today, story of my life! I just got my son down to take a nap and I thought to myself, I should make lunch for Emma and I. So I layed Jack in his back-n-play (in the living room) . And proceeded to boil some water, Emma wanted to get he tights a dress on so i went to go help her, next thing I know the fire alarm is going NUTS and the stove is on FIRE! BAHHHH what was i to do, shire panic set in! So I smothered the fire, and ran to turn the alarm off, and i am a sort woman so i jumped and jumped to get to it. Not thinking that i should have just grabbed a chair. So on top of the fact that it kept going off, the alarm talks to me and tells me CARBON MONOXIDE!!! DANGER DANGER!! oh god right! now I am running around opening windows and the front door. as Emma is screaming that it is to loud and Jack is now crying!

How can just making lunch go so terribly wrong? And now as a result of that i am scared to close my windows, and its freezing! and Jack will not take a nap.

I guess that is just how life goes.......


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