Monday, November 22, 2010


So I am sure that life will go on, but for now i am breaking down! I Fell as if i am suffocating in a very small box! I lost it today, as I feel that I am so alone in this world. Staying home is the only option that i have, there is no other way. And for that I am telling you this. I hate that I cant go out and do things with my family, as there so far away. I hate that I cant take the kids to the park, or the mall to play, as there is no gas in the truck. I hate that when my friends or more like friend asked to do lunch i cant go! and most the time I'm not really asked to as i always have the kiddos with me. i hate that these walls are the only ones that I ever see. I hate that the laundry in this damn house wont just do itself. I hate that my husbands family cant stand me and i am no longer welcome. But let me say this with all the things that i hat i have come to know this. God allowed to have these two beautiful kids in my life, a husband that tries to understand(god bless him) as well as loves me more then anything, even though I can make that hard most times. We have a roof over our heads clothes on our backs and food in our belly's. I have to remember that no matter how much poo can build up in your life, well the blessings just add up so much faster! Every day that I get to wake up, and see my kids and kiss my husband, that to me is all the blessings that I need.

For the mothers out there that feel the same, be strong. And for those that do not understand this, ask us how we are doing, tell us what we do great in life. Love us hard and openly, as woman all the same need to be told of our good doings! We may seem to have super powers, but just like you we are human and need guidance. We need to know that we are loved, and cared for and appreciated. We do all this for you: the multi-tasking, food cooking, house cleaning, laundry doing, child bearing, and mommy duties! And i love every moment, but a little recognition sometimes would not hurt!

shout out to all the stay at home mommies! stay strong and love hard!

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