Sunday, November 28, 2010

Amazing Friends.

I think that in life one must have a good and solid best friend, one person besides your spouse that you have a good time with, were you can talk about anything and tell all your deep secrets too. Were just sitting on your couch in ones PJ's and enjoying another company is something that you look forward to doing. You can sit there and really say nothing at all, and still have a conversation. Well when it comes to my life I was blessed with two people like that! There names, Jodi and Heidi, two of the most amazing woman i know for completely different reason, and yet we all three can get together and have a blast! Jodi and I more or less grew up together, and will grow old together just the same, as for Heidi i met her in my adult life and i learn to love her more and more every day. God blessed my life with two wonderful, beautiful and caring woman, and i am thankful every day that I have them!

Jodi again came to my rescue as she always does, last night when my vehicle would not start! (I LOVE YOU JODI!)she seems to always be there just when i need her for anything, life, love, and just good conversation! i love that when we are together there is a sense of ease and we can just finish each others sentences.

Heidi and I, we just get each other as we are both mommy's, we get each other on that maternal level. She is one of the most hilarious people that i know, there is never a dull moment with her around.

The best part is when we are all together, there is no competition, we all just have a great time.

Having these woman in my life make me a better person. I truly look to the both of them for anything that i may need. I am truly blessed! I believe that everyone should have at least on friend like i have in the two of these girls.

Heidi thank you for just hanging out tonight it was great to just be in a adult atmosphere and have a adult conversation :) i love my babies but it was fun to get out of the house! love you!

Till next time, take care and remember to not take those you love for granted, keep them close and do right by them always, never be to proud to say your sorry, and remember to laugh!

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Hyde said...

<3 Aw I love you. Thank you

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